Healthcube Enclosures

4M Health is proud to pioneer these new options for your location

As part of our continuing effort to not only listen but support our thousands of clients around the world, we are proud to have designed our own exclusive Healthcube Enclosures that can be designed, customized, and delivered to any location.

What do they include?

Our Healthcubes are the perfect setup for your workers to get the PPE, sanitizer, AED, Oxygen, First Aid, Trauma Kit, and other items they need.  In addition, they can have their weight, temperature, blood pressure, and other important metrics checked and tracked if desired.  Some even include the ability to have telemed appointments.

All of this is available easily and at any location.

What are they for?

All our healthcubes are used to help the people at your location to get what they need and to be aware of their health and biometric readings, such as their temperature, blood pressure, and any number of other readings.  This enables them to quickly determine what may be happening and how they can improve, especially if they are not feeling well.

Who Uses These?

Employers, Military, Healthcare, and many other similar industries have been asking us to provide such an option.  These can be used at any location and some are even portable. They can be used to replace health fairs at any location.  They can be left up year-round.

They come both Indoor and Outdoor styles.

A partial list of our Healthcubes:

…and more!