Outdoor Healthcube

The Outdoor Healthcube
by 4M Health

The 4M Health Outdoor Healthcube is specifically created to place outdoor and endure the unique needs of outdoor usage.

Below are more details.


  • Rolls off Flatbed
  • Weather Proof
  • Utility Closet
  • AC and Heater on Roof
  • UV Light Station
  • Ellumi Antimicrobial LED Lighting
  • 4G Internet Connection
  • Programmable Pin Pad
  • Temperature Inside
  • Antimicrobial Floor
  • Murphy Bench
  • Murphy Table


  • Defibrillator Plus additional supplies
  • Oxygen
  • First Aid/Trauma Kit
  • Wizard Thermal Entry
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Branding and Graphic Opportunites

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