TempSafe Rapid Scanning

Rapid Scanning Thermal Camera Surveillance System with Facial Recognition

Speicifically designed to handle large amounts of people, this product has the ability to rapidly scan entire crowds.  It has been proven to accurately scan crowds of up to 400 people per second.

How the TempSafe Rapid Scanning works

How does rapid scanning work?  It uses infrared and visual double spectrum fusion to make it the most intuitive and efficient product in its class.  It also includes face detection and snapshot technology, which can single out and photograph people with high temperatures in crowds at up to 400 people per second.

How well does it work?

We think you’ll be impressed.  This surveillance system includes a thermal camera that measures the forehead temperature at an accuracy of just of ±0.3℃, and can accurately eliminate interference caused by smoking, eating food, hot water cups, cell phones and more.

How will you use this?

Because of the Artificial Intelligence and flow statistics technology that is built in, this requires no intervention by on-site staff and no contact.  It will work for you every millisecond of the day (literally) and can accurately identify and count the number of people passing by who have a fever to quickly analyze and identify an epidemic situation.

How does it look?

There are a few options and configurations for this temperature sensing rapid scanning system.  You’ll need to make some decisions about the camera and mounting system.  We can go over all the options when you contact us.

Why Buy This From Us?

Because we work with a variety of manufacturers, we can help you determine your best option.  This one may be it, or there may be others.

Also, when buying a system like this. You will want someone on your side, working with you to implement, maintain, service, and improve your processes.  Our decades of experience in working with manufacturers just like this one will be invaluable to your success.

We encourage you to contact us today.  Click, call, chat, or do whatever works best for you.  But let us hear out your specific needs so we can get you the right solution – on time and under budget.  That is what we enjoy doing for our valued customers.  We’re standing by ready to help.