The LC400 Blood Pressure Kiosk by LifeClinic

The LifeClinic LC400 is a tabletop model and has a small footprint. This made it a popular and portable blood pressure kiosk for years. We are happy to service and maintain this model and enjoy working with it. If you need assistance with yours, please contact us using any of the forms on our site or call us now.

LC400 Blood Pressure MachineIf you need to replace your existing LC400, we should talk. This is because the LifeClinic LC400 is no longer produced. You cannot buy one anywhere unless you find a refurbished one and that will be about 10-15 years old at this point. Very few people even know how to support this product at this point.

Yet, we are happy to discuss your needs and get you a suitable replacement for this blood pressure tabletop kiosk.  Please contact us or review our other models and styles available.