Early years

Our owners started out decades ago when a company named VitaStat first started making the very first blood pressure stations. These were initially coin-operated standalone equipment.

Our Passion

As the years went by, a sincere interest in this type of equipment continued to grow in both John and Cheryl for a variety of reasons, including personal medical reasons and a strong corresponding interest in monitoring these important health metrics.

As one of our owners, John Mullen states:

“I just really caught on to what this equipment is all about. The more I thought about the benefits to people and organizations, the more I wanted to pursue learning everything I could about them and how they can be used effectively.”

Recent History

Over the years, our owners estimate that they have sold many thousands of these units and they are still being utilized at thousands of locations at locations all over the world.

Our experience means there is no guesswork. We know exactly how these products work, which one is best for you, how they should be priced, how to repair them, and how to save lives by using them. This allows us to always find the right product for your needs.

Please allow us to put our wealth of experience and knowledge to work for you.