Temperature Kiosks

4M Health is proud to offer a wide variety of temperature-taking kiosks.

Unlike most websites, we are not narrowed down to just one solution.  We are happy to carry a wide variety of temperature scanning kiosk solutions in order to create the best set of options for you.

We also have excellent relationships with the various manufacturers and even offer services and maintenance that they may not.  We don’t just present you with one option.  We listen!

We start by asking questions:

  • Desktop or Standalone?
  • Scan one or many?
  • Walk up or walkthrough?
  • Buy or Lease?
  • Budget limitations?
  • How many units needed?

Given the answers to these questions and many more, we will help you navigate the wide range of options for your location.

A partial list of our temperature check-in kiosks:

…and more!