Healthbot Health Kiosk

The HealthBot is the next generation of health kiosks. It not only measures the blood pressure and pulse, like so many others. It also measures weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).

What Healthbot Does

There is so much more that can be done now with health kiosks such as this. Programming is now available that can include challenge programs (such as weight loss challenges) that can be used within an organization or company.

Using a HealthBot Kiosk enables the tagging of the people participating in these challenges. Then, after some time goes by, the company has a list of employees that have registered. The company can then give out prizes, such as gift cards to those involved.

The HealthBot also allows for data management. For example, you can get reporting on aggregate data. This allows you to look at all employees as a whole population. You don’t see the individual’s data, but you can look at it as an entirety on a report. For example, you can see what percentage of your employees are obese, etc. The total number of users is tracked.

Who Uses Healthbot?

Human resources, doctors, nurses, and any other health care professionals love having this valuable information. In fact, there are many ways that the HealthBot can be utilized.

HealthBot is very flexible. It can be branded according to whatever your needs are. Instead of just adding your company logo, you can also brand the touchscreen at a very low price. But what makes it truly unique to you is the various options and add-ons that are available. There are printers, card readers, and additional options that we can discuss when you contact us today.

Why Use Us for HealthBot?

We offer incredible pricing and warranty options for the HealthBot. In fact, we are under contract to be the exclusive authorized dealer of HealthBot. As of the beginning of 2020, we are the only one. Anyone else is just a supplier, not a dealer. Therefore, we are the ones you need to talk with first. We have the best opportunities and would love the opportunity to serve you, particularly about our unique warranty.

This product is ideal for the healthcare industry, governments, clinics, fitness centers, YMCAs, independent pharmacies, the military, and a wide assortment of other places. Use the form on this page to contact us now so we can help you discover how it can be used in your location or at multiple locations.