The LC300 Blood Pressure Kiosk by LifeClinic

This is a fantastic and basic blood pressure kiosk. The LC300 by LifeClinic is an excellent way to start a wellness program, especially on a budget.

At 4M Health, we have a deep and extensive amount of knowledge and experience with this product in particular. We have been selling and maintaining it for decades now and know exactly how it will work well for your particular needs. When you sell, lease, maintain, service, and even provide regular customer service for this product as long as we have, it puts us in a unique position to help you.

LC 300 Blood Pressure KioskThe LifeClinic 300 is a proven product that we can stand behind. We would love the opportunity to discuss how it can best be used at your location or at multiple locations.

At 4M Health, we have several hundred of these in stock and can send them to you immediately. In fact, they are still being manufactured so we are happy to get you whatever you need. They are an economic, excellent, and viable unit for many.

Another option is to buy one of our refurbished units. We do this differently than anyone else in the market. We put on new cabinets, new metal, and new cuffs.  Then, we do a 26-point check to make sure it looks and works like new. It also has a 24-month warranty.

Our exclusive 4M Health 24-month outstanding warranty is automatically given to every purchaser of this product. This is something unique to 4M Health. We know what we’re doing and believe in this product. You can buy a new one or refurbished (which is as good as new or even better)!

It is durable and we firmly believe it will last you for 20 years.

This product works best with anyone in health care, gyms, governments, school boards, hospitals, clinics, local and federal governments, schools, colleges, and all military branches.

The Department of Health puts these in libraries all over the country.  The American Heart Association uses them for diabetes awareness because they can use the information panels on the side of the unit and can provide information about each of their programs.

Companies and organizations love these because they can brand the logo on the kiosk and it shows that they care.

We have sold more of this product than any other in the past 25 years. It is a fantastic health kiosk, especially at this price point.

Fill out the form on this page or contact us today so we can talk about how this can be used to fill your needs.