The LC500 Blood Pressure Kiosk by LifeClinic

The LifeClinic LC500 can measure a person’s blood pressure, weight, pulse, and Body Mass Index (BMI). However, it has not been produced or supported since about 2012.

Should you get one anyway? Please keep reading to find out…

LC 500 Blood Pressure KioskIn researching this product, you may actually find some dealers that are willing to sell these. We will not, even though we have some in stock. Here’s why… All the blood pressure guidelines are not only outdated. They can’t even be changed!  Why?  This particular blood pressure kiosk has Microsoft XP as the embedded operating system.

Given this, you need to know that the LifeClinic 500 is no longer FDA approved. It has outdated hardware and software. We feel strongly that this product should not be used now and kindly disagree with any dealers that continue to sell these.

Yet, if you are interested in something similar, we can help. There are newer models that will serve you very well. You can learn about them right here on our website. However, we are also happy to simply discuss your specific needs and budget with you now.

Simply fill out a form on this site, call us, text us, or chat with us now. Let’s get you exactly what you want and need.