Data Collection

At 4M Health, we would love to discuss the benefits of collecting data.  For example, how could your organization best use both aggregate data and individual data effectively?

Aggregate vs Individual Data

Aggregate data can be utilized by your organization to identify the entire employee population’s overall health.  This can be tracked and trended over time to see what direction our entire organization’s health is going.  

What about individual data?  For some of our equipment, this information can be available to a user’s account.  The employee can then regularly use the local equipment to monitor their own personal health.  This encourages improvement and allows them to share this data with the medical professionals that they use.

What This Means to You

To illustrate, imagine one of your workers starts feeling a little off and wonders if they even took their blood pressure medicine today.  One quick check using the equipment we offer will allow them to possibly save their life by staying on track and do what is necessary.  Think about the value of this very real scenario.

Data to Assist with Check-Ins?

In fact, hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities can use our blood pressure equipment and health care kiosks as check-in apparatus. 

These units can collect your patient’s biometric readings with minimal or no assistance.  This eliminates steps that would normally be done by your employees and professionals, saving time and energy.