TempSafe Walk Through Detector

Walk Through Temperature Screening and Metal Detector Gate

The employees, volunteers, or visitors at your organization have an expectation of safety.  They want to know that your organization is taking the necessary precautions and cares enough to monitor those that come through.

Walk Through Temperature Screening and Metal Detection

This walkthrough style of temperature screening allows a large quantity of individuals to be screened and monitored one by one as they enter.  It serves as an excellent security gate because it also includes metal detection.  Most anyone who has ever gone through an airport or entered a bank will feel familiar with the process.

Where is this best utilized?

This temperature screening and metal detector device can be used most anywhere.  However, it is especially in high demand for public spaces such as airports, banks, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, sports arenas, shopping malls, theme parks, movie theaters, gyms, and trade show events.  These locations all benefit by having a quick and easy walk through option as a person enters.

How does it work?

It’s fast and simple.  You simply raise your wrist or put your forehead in front of the scanner before passing through.  Because they have two temperature zones, it works for both adults and children.  The 6 zone metal detection works automatically as each person walks through.  If metal is detected or a temperature of over 100.4 is detected, a red light will flash and an alarm can sound.  The alarm has multiple functions that can be customized to your preference.

How will your organization benefit?

Every business or organization needs to adjust to the time we are living in.  All public spaces and large groups need to not only be monitored but have the confidence that they are in a safe environment.  Temperature and metal detection is the new standard in a post-covid secure world.  These detectors are the right balance between safety, security, and freedom of movement.

How we can help you…

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